Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade
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The fifth grade team is passionate about creating an environment of engagement in all students. We support students in their growth in the following areas:

Math – We use the Bridges curriculum to cover fractions, decimals, measurement/conversions, graphing/coordinate planes, and problem solving. A big focus in fifth grade is an in-depth look at the base ten number system, volume, and fractions.

Language Arts – We combine novels, short stories, and the textbook anthology. Novels we read include Wonder, Esperanza Rising, and Number the Stars. We focus on three main genres of writing: narrative, opinion/persuasive, and summary of expository. Students leave our grade being able to form a five paragraph essay that proves a thesis statement (main idea) with evidence from various sources.

Science – With the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), students will explore Physical Science, Earth Science, Life Science, and Engineering. Fifth grade is the year students are tested in science.

Social Studies – There are six history units: Native Americans, Explorers, Colonies, Revolutionary War, Government, and Pioneers. In geography, we focus on learning the 50 states.

We utilize one to one Chromebooks in all subjects as part of our facilitation of 21st century learning. We promote collaboration, perseverance, and the idea that mistakes are valuable if we learn from them.


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