Second Grade

Second Grade
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2nd Grade Curriculum Summary

Language Arts

  • Daily 5
  • Author Studies and Core Literature
  • Grammar Skills: antonyms, synonyms, homophones, prefixes/suffixes, parts of speech…
  • Writer’s Workshop: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, conferencing, publishing
  • Learning to write to a “genre” (letter writing, poetry, narrative, opinion, expository, report writing…)
  • Making oral presentations


  • Number Talks: Mental problem solving using strategies.
  • FactsWise: Goal is to know all math facts, addition and subtraction, with speed and accuracy.
  • Problem Solving: Solve different word problem types and use strategies, tools, and justification in finding the answers.
  • Concepts: patterning, sorting and classifying, geometry, graphing, place value, estimation, measuring, statistics and probability, and beginning multiplication and division


  • Physical Science: Balance & Motion
  • Earth Science: Rocks & Minerals
  • Life Science: Life Cycles
  • Scientific Method: Question, hypothesis, observations, analyze data, conclusion

Social Studies

  • Differentiating things from long ago and today
  • Map Skills
  • Basic economic concepts, exchange of goods/services, consumers/producers in the marketplace
  • Biographies of influential people and the importance of individual action and character


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