Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade
 \  Sixth Grade

Our goal is for all of us, students and teachers, to be engaged in “life-worthy” learning: learning that is relevant to the lives we are living. We will do this by questioning, using (not just obtaining) knowledge, making and creating, understanding multiple perspectives, collaborating, problem solving, developing a sense of self, and an understanding of our greater world. We hope that students challenge themselves and enjoy the process of learning, mistakes and all. 6th grade is a year of learning that is deep, relevant, fun, and long lasting. Highlights include…Social Studies

Ancient Civilizations: Early History, Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, and Greece.

Science and Engineering: Structure and Function of Cells, Growth and Develoment of Organisms, Variation of Traits- Genetics, Weather and Climate, Cycling of Earth’s Water, Conservation of Energy and Transfer of Energy,Human Impact on the Environment

I-Cubed: Computer Assisted Design and Coding Math: Problem Solving and Modeling Mathematics in Ratios and Proportional Relationships; Number System: Integers, Dividing Fractions, Coordinate System; Geometry: Volume, Area; Expressions and Equations: solving one variable equations and writing algebraic expressions

Reading: Analyzing literature and informational text for , Craft and Structure



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