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Third Grade
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Welcome to the third grade information page. The goal of Hollister School’s third grade teachers is to make the year academic and fun. Third grade is an important transition year from the primary grades to the upper grades. We believe in helping students develop teamwork skills, independence, responsibility, and creativity.

In language arts, third graders expand upon the second-grade skills in reading comprehension and writing, applying them to many content areas. They read fiction and nonfiction texts, and find evidence to support their answers. Students learn to take notes and compose multiple paragraphs in the genres of informative, opinion and narrative writing. Additionally, they complete short and long-term writing projects. Students work in the structure of the Daily 5 program. We also supplement our instruction with engaging novels that relate to other content areas.

In math, we use the Bridges math program, which includes Number Corner. This program emphasizes multiplication, division, fractions, time, measurement, and problem solving. We also use the Factswise math facts program and supplement student learning with various learning resources.

In social studies we study Santa Barbara County history and geography. This includes the study of Chumash history and culture, and Santa Barbara landmarks. Students learn about what life was like long ago, and compare it to life today. Our studies include field trips to local landmarks and arts and craft projects.

Our third grade science program includes the studies of earth, life and physical science. Recently we have increased our focus on engineering and design, and launched an engaging computer science program from “CS-First” that teaches students how to code using Scratch. Students participate in a variety of hands-on science experiments, frequently with the help of our science specialist.


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